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Lely Rab and Sharona Fray are the creative geniuses behind the commercial photo studio LNS PHOTOGRAPHY NY

which is based out of rockland county ny. 


With diverse yet similar extensive backgrounds in the lifestyle photography industry, they have teamed up with a mutual mission; To service the commercial photography community with unparalleled professionalism.


Browse through the LNS portfolio and you'll get a peek into the varied range of the commercial photography market they work with... Textiles, jewelry, the food industry and assorted products for the ever evolving Amazon marketplace.


Being that Lely and Sharona are both proud moms, they are sought after for their endless patience and experience in the children's commercial photography arena.

Their team handles the complete setup, including designing, props etc.. ensuring a successful and smooth photo shoot experience for all involved.

A combined passion for imagery that sells itself  along with their impeccable customer service commitment is what has achieved their stellar reputation!


Experience the LNS signature for your corporate needs!

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